What a Realtor Will Do To Sell Your Home

MLS.  The Multiple Listing Service is an arrangement among members of a real estate board or exchange that allows each member broker to share listings with other members so that greater exposure is obtained and greater chance of sale will result.  Most agents access the MLS through a computer these days.  It's the first place most agents will go to to find a home for their buyer.  Your listing is input into the computer within a specified number of days according to each boards rules.  It's probably the most powerful tool in getting your home sold.  

Advertising.  A great benefit of having a real estate agent is that they pay for the advertising.  Many times the agent themselves pay for advertising of a property.  The company they work for has a lot to do with how much exposure your home will get.  Some companies pay for big ads in the Sunday paper, etc., and others make the agents pay for everything.  Check out the company you're listing with to see what they do for you.  

Clients.  Most Real estate agents have a list of buyers they're working with to find the right property.  As soon as a home comes on the market the agents tell each other to see if they have buyers.  The agents in the office usually get the first chance of showing a property to their clients.  Then the other companies and then anyone who checks the MLS.     

Sign.  It sounds simple, but one nice sign can do a lot.  One sign that has a phone number that always gets answered.  Buyers can call anytime and at least leave a message for someone to get back to them with the information.  Not just anyone calls back either.  A trained salesperson calls back who knows how to answer questions the right way and decipher whether or not the prospect is a real, qualified buyer, worthy of seeing your home. 

Exposure.  Your property constantly gets exposed to buyers from all of the above resources, plus from word-of-mouth from your RealtorŪ, pictures in windows of the agents' office, buyers who walk into real estate offices, buyers who are referred to an office or agent, plus targeted marketing efforts by your agent.

Open Houses.  Not just the ones on Sunday afternoons. Brokers hold open houses just for other brokers to preview properties during the week.  This is the best exposure, because most buyers are brought by other agents. 

E-mail me to see what I will do for you to stand out from the rest, and guarantee you get your home sold in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of hassle.