Understanding the Market Place

Marketing factors and who controls them:

  • Market Position based on price (seller)
  • Salability/Appeal to Buyer (seller)
  • Marketing Program (sales agent/company)
  • Market Value (buyer)

How price affects the number of potential buyers:

How price usually affects peak interest levels:

Week 1-3: High interest by sales associates and buyers (many showings)
Week 4: Interests begin to wane (fewer showings)
Week 5-13: Interest levels off (predictable number of showings)

Specific Tim Griffin marketing promotions can generate renewed interest in subsequent weeks.

Realistic pricing will:
  • Minimize the inconvenience of keeping your home ready to show
  • Take advantage of the first weeks of high activity and interest
  • Bring in more prospects
  • Increase the likelihood of attracting higher offers
  • Accomplish a faster sale


Information believed accurate but not warranted.